1.   What is this Learning Portal for?
  2. This Learning Portal is made to help you to learn and speak Russian. We provide you with videos where native speakers explain you the most frequently used words and phrases. Each lesson covers vocabulary for the most common situations in which you find yourself while travelling, working or living in Russian-speaking environment.

  3.   What is a goal of this Learning Portal existence?
  4. This Portal was created to make your learning as easy and entertaining as possible with actual results. You will improve your listening, speaking and reading skills and will enrich your vocabulary after each video watched. We are breaking stereotypes about the difficulties of learning Russian. Try and find it out yourself!

  5.   How can I join?
  6. All you need is to fill your name and e-mail address on the main page. You will then receive an e-mail. After receiving the conformation, you can log in and start your "I-speak-Russian" journey.

  7.   Is there a cost to sign up?
  8. No, it is totally free.

  9.   What is the learning method?
  10. We have developed a unique method which is fun, engaging, and triggers learning. In each lesson a native-speaker covers vocabulary for the most common situations. She is speaking basic Russian with transcription and translations appearing on the screen. English and Russian subtitles are available. This way you are getting used to Russian speech, its correct pronunciation and grammar, as well as you improve your listening skills and learn more words and phrases than the basic lesson material provides. At the end of each lesson, you will practice covered knowledge in an interactive way.

    We provide you with the right motivation and essential vocabulary. It is your turn to impress the teachers.

  11.   What is the actual result?
  12. After watching our first 2 videos you will be able to say hello, goodbye, to ask questions: how are you? and answer it; you will be able to say thank you in different situations as well as to use polite forms of gratitude and speech in Russian.

    After watching following lessons you will know how to make requests and apologies, ask basic questions and understand the answers, and how to get acquainted. In addition, you will find out how to travel around the city, to check into a hotel, go shopping and much more another useful information.

    The most amazing part is that you can propose your own topics that are interesting for you and we will cover them in upcoming lessons!

  13.   Who are the teachers?
  14. The teachers are native Russian-speakers, who are willing to help you to start speaking Russian.

  15.   Why can't I open lessons with lock icon?
  16. Lock icons mean that the lesson is available only for after purchasing it or for subscribers. To find out how you can open them, visit the subscription page.

  17.   What is the difference between Monthly Subscription and purchasing Package with videos?
  18. Purchasing the Package you will have a permanent access to videos you bought (one package consists of ten video lessons) and to transcripts of them.

    The Monthly subscription provides you with an access to existing videos and newly released ones each week. Transcripts are open for you as well. In addition, you get an opportunity to track your learning process by taking quizzes and contact teachers with questions regarding learning material.

  19.   Monthly subscription includes quizzes. What are they?
  20. Our monthly subscribers have an opportunity to track their learning progress. Each lesson has a quiz with questions that cover passed material. Taking them will improve your vocabulary, grammar and writing

  21.   What payment methods are available?
  22. We use PayPal for payments because they provide extensive buyer and seller protections.

    For purchasing an access to locked videos, you will redirect to the PayPal page, where you can use your existing account or easily create a new one.

  23.   Can I get a refund?
  24. Yes, you can get a refund if you are dissatisfied with learning material and find it ineffective. You will get a refund within 14 days.

  25.   Where can I see my purchased package or subscription?
  26. All information regarding your purchased packages or subscription status is displayed in the “billing” section in your account. You can also see your billing history there.

  27.   Can I change my login details?
  28. Yes, you can easily change your name and password in the section "account".