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Lesson #11 - In the lesson #11 lovely Irina will make sure you are prepared for travelling around Russia. You will examine signs and notices that you will definitely encounter in Russia.

Lesson 11. Signs.

  • Hi! My name is Irina.

    Today we will learn how to read signs and inscriptions in the most popular places.

    Our trip to a new country, as a rule, starts from an airport.

    The basic phrases which are useful to know are Pribytie, otpravlenie, reys, raspisanie, vydacha bagazha. If you arrive on a train you will see following signs: Vyhod k poezdam, Vyhod v gorod, Platforma, put'.

    All of them are translated into English But on a railway or bus station you can encounter signs which are written only in Russian. For example Zal dlya kuryashchih, Zal dlya nekuryashchih, Zal ozidania, Zal ozidania povyshenogo komforta it is a paid room. Kassa, sytochnaya kassa.

    Restrooms have universal signes so it...

Quiz covers material from Lesson #11

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Brent 2016-02-08 12:05:24

This will be very handy on my first trip there.