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Lesson #12 - <p>In the lesson #12 lovely Irina will make sure you are prepared for travelling around Russia. You will examine signs and notices that you will definitely encounter in Russia.</p>

Lesson 12. In a hotel.

  • Hello! My name is Yulia.

    Today we'll talk about hotels how to find a hotel how to register and how to pay for a room.

    In Russia you can stop as in a hotel or rent an apartment for short or long term.

    To look for accommodation you can use the Internet Otel' and gostinitsa are synonyms otel' gostinitsa it's better to book them previously via the Internet If you want to rent an apartament use the words flat room kvartira komnata In the hotel you should go to the reception and tell: ya zabroniroval nomer or u menya est' bron' If you haven't booked a room before then tell: mne nuzhen nomer or ya hochu snyat' nomer

    You can also clarify your wishes: nomer na odnogo cheloveka, nomer na dvukh chelovek nom...

Quiz covers material from Lesson #12

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Brent 2016-02-08 12:07:58

This has been an easy and fun learning experience. I couldn't take my eyes off the videos either. Thanks Learningwithgirls!