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Lesson #2 - In the lesson # 2 we will take a look at basic words like “please” and “thank you” in Russian with the help of lovely Anastasia!

Lesson 2. Forms of politeness. Thanks. Gratitude.

  • Hey there! My name is Anastasia. How are you? Wonderful?

    Today we are adding to our common phrases forms of politeness. We want to be polite, don’t we?

    I know that you already know a short but powerful word Spasibo Spa-si-bo. It is a common way to thank anyone for anything. Here is more fancy word. Blagodarju. Literally "I give you a good."

    And now let’s add words from the last lesson. Remember: ty and Vy and their forms? Blago...

Quiz covers material from Lesson #2

Comments (2)

Brent 2016-02-05 03:25:13

I like the way these lessons are setup. After two lessons I know enough to be courteous and tell people thank you in a few different ways. More importantly I now know how to start a conversation and greet a woman in Russian. Guys, these lessons are definitely worth your time.

Dave 2016-01-31 00:10:44

This is great guys. I really enjoy studying these lessons. My friends are gonna be so impressed can't wait to talk to them in Russian)) Blagodarju Vas