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Lesson #5 - In the lesson #5 dainty Tatyana teaches how to make yourself understood. No more awkwardness when you don’t catch at once. You can always ask again.

Lesson 5. Making yourself understood.

  • Hi! My name is Tatyana. It's often happens when we don't understand each other even when we speak the same language. Imagine when we speak different languages.

    Let's look at the basic ways to explain yourself. The main verb for it is Ponimat'. Po-ni-mat'. Vy menja ponimaete? Ty menja ponimaesh? Po-ni-mat'. If the person didn’t understand you right, it's better to say Vy menja nepravil'no ponjali. Ty menja nepravil'no ponjal. If everything is clear, say Ja ponimaju in the present tense. ja ponjal - in the past tense.

    You can also explain what you meant by sa...

Quiz covers material from Lesson #5

Comments (2)

Brent 2016-02-07 14:05:41

Ja ponjal!

Dave 2016-01-31 00:51:50

Thank you very much for teaching me. I feel much more confident now. I guess I know where I will spend my next holidays))