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Lesson #6 - In the lesson #6 you will study with elegant Dasha phrases which you need for getting acquainted. Learn how to introduce yourself and ask counter questions.

Lesson 6. Getting acquainted.

  • Hi there! My name is Dasha. Sooner or later the moment comes to introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself. So let's take a look at basic questions and answers that are necessary for the first meeting.

    At first we ask the name. Kak vas zovut. This option we use when we appeal to person with Vy, ie a formal appeal. You can also ask: Kak tebya zovut? This option is good when you ask your peer or in an informal situation. Kak Vas zovut? Kak tebya zovut? To answer, start with: Menya zovut and then say your name. My name is (Dasha).

    The second most popular question is Otkuda vy? We ask it to get know where a person comes from, which country. Otkuda Vy? Otkuda ty? To reply you should say Ya iz ... And then name the country or city. Ya iz Rossii. Ya iz Moskvy. Or Ya iz Ameriki...

Quiz covers material from Lesson #6

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Brent 2016-02-08 00:17:58

I like the focus of these videos on essential and useful knowledge to the beginner.

Dave 2016-01-31 13:30:06

Another outstanding lesson.