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Lesson #7 - In the lesson #7 Karina will help you getting around the city. You won’t get lost anymore.

Lesson 7. In a city. Getting around the city.

  • Hello! My name is Karina. Today we will learn the phrases which help you to find yourself in the city you will get know how to find a way and get where you want to.

    We begin with the word which I hope you remember well. Gde? Gde muzej? Gde restoran? This is the most basic and simple way to find out what is where.

    You can also use the question: Kak dobrat'sya do...? Kak dobrat'sya do Kak dobrat'sya do metro...? Kak dobrat'sya do centra? Asking questions is only a half of the story.

    Now it is important to understand what answers you get. To be able to do it, learn the words of direction. There are: pravo, levo, vpered, nazad.

    As an answer to your question: gde nahodit'sya you may hear: idite pryamo. The verb - idti. Idite pryamo. Idite obratno – it stands for to go back, to come back. Also you might hear - povernite napravo, the verd - to turn, povorachivat'. Povernite napravo. Povernite nalevo, Pravo - napravo, levo - nalevo.

    For example, you ask: Where is the nearest subway station? You got an answer: go straight then at the intersection turn right and you will see the entrance to ...

Quiz covers material from Lesson #7

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Brent 2016-02-08 00:23:08

I'm beginning to think I would have done better in school if my teachers looked better. I'm having no trouble focusing on these videos.

Dave 2016-01-31 14:08:07

Thank you very much you are a great teacher.