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Lesson #8 - In the lesson #8 Anastasia will help you to do shopping. You will show how to find a store, to say what you are looking for and you will learn names for basic items that you may need to purchase during your travel or living in Russian speaking environment.

Lesson 8. In a store.

  • Hi! My name is Anastasia. Today we will learn words and phrases which will help you to do shopping.

    Do you remember the word - Gde? Gde helps to ask and find out where what is situated. For example, where is a store? Gde magazin?

    You can specify what kind of store you want to find. For instance, grocery store (produktoviy) Comes from the word - product. In produktoviy magazin you can buy food and beverage. Where is the grocery store? Where is the nearest grocery store? You can omit the word: nahoditsya. then you have short questions: Gde supermarket? Gde kafe? Gde restoran?

    If you want to buy a specific item, ask a question using the verb - moch' (can) Ya mogu Gde y...

Quiz covers material from Lesson #8

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Dave 2016-01-31 14:13:56

I have recently met one guy from Russia and talk to him a bit in Russian. He said I have a good accent. All this thank to beautiful teachers. Highly recommended.